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    Sunday, January 30, 2011



    Well said: "She supplies the necessary scaffolding for the people she works with so that they may learn and grow, while learning and growing alongside them."


    Yes, that makes sense to me. Good communication and getting buy-in from stakeholders can mitigate the anxiety that change and growth can bring.


    @Israel: Communication is essential for both a manager and a leader. I'll see how I can address that in my next draft!

    For now, I'll add that if you have a vision, it doesn't matter how effective it might be if no one else can understand it...or if you never even share it. Also, communication shouldn't be unidirectional. That vision should be informed by what is going around you...which means listening, reading, and observing.

    Does that make more sense?



    I very much like that you point out that leadership can manifest itself at different levels (organization, unit, and team).

    Do you consider being a good communicator/salesperson necessary for a leader/manager? I am thinking you might be implying it in: "can define that vision in such a way that it transforms the organization and the people within it," but don't want to assume that.

    Susan Metcalf

    Well put!! My favorite sentence is: Management after all is about human potential and how to tap into people’s greatest expression of themselves.

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