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    Saturday, April 07, 2012


    Elisabeth Leonard

    Thanks for the recommendation! The Wide Lens by Ron Adner is even available on the Kindle.
    If you come across other titles, let me know! My appetite for innovation literature, especially when it acknowledges the role organizations play, is almost endless -- and it seems most of what I find useful is from articles. It will be a pleasure to turn to a book for a change!

    Mark Pond

    Nicely done, Ms. Leonard. A book that I'm reading right now and would recommend to a fellow innovation junky is The Wide Lens by Ron Adner. Adner's point is that it's pretty rare to find an innovation these days that can be rolled out purely by a single actor. Innovation takes place in an ecosystem, not in an environment where all influencing factors can be controlled and accounted for. I also just started The Innovator's Cookbook, edited by Steven Johnson but am not far enough into it to give any sort of a report.

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